Personal Insurance

No one can predict the future. For all we know, tomorrow could be just another day at the office. Or tomorrow might be the day you crash your car on the way to work, come down with a serious illness, get made redundant, or lose a family member.

The unexpected possibilities are endless. And the only way to protect yourself financially against such unfortunate events is personal insurance.

Most people have some form of insurance – maybe for their home or for their car – but strangely they forget to insure something even more important: themselves.

What happens if, due to an illness, you are unable to work for a long period of time. How will you survive without regular income? If you have a family, how would you continue to provide for them? Quite simply, you wouldn’t be able to.

Unless, of course, you are protected by a comprehensive personal insurance package.

Structured in the right way, a personal insurance package can allow you to keep paying the bills and putting food on the table when you’re not earning any income.

One thing that occasionally puts people off getting personal insurance packages is that they can be quite complex. There are different levels of coverage depending on your circumstances. (For example, if you or someone in your family has a history of serious health problems, perhaps you may look to take out more comprehensive coverage than someone with good medical history.) Also, there are different ways to structure your package to make it more affordable. (For example, there might be benefits in your superannuation scheme, various tax implications, and different levels of coverage for different family members.)

It can be a lot to get your head around, but personal insurance packages are always worth it. They pay out the most important dividend: financial peace of mind for you and your family.

Are you a Business Owner?

If you’re a business owner, we can also review your business insurance needs – taking into account ‘key person’ protection for owners and managers. All business owners insure assets and stock against theft and damage, but some don’t think about how their business would run if they found themselves or staff members seriously ill. We specialise in assessing business owners’ risks and we’ll make sure you get the right coverage for the right people.

Caring for your Future

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