Why a SMSF?

More people are turning to SMSF to take greater control of their retirement future. SMSF can be a great solution and Geoff Whiddon, Director of Dome Financial Group, is a SMSF Specialist Advisor*.

Geoff is able to review your superannuation and consider SMSF as an option to meet your goals. He can then work with other professionals such as accountants and auditors to ensure that your SMSF is set up correctly to offer you the most benefits possible.

Typically, SMSF is suitable for small business owners and professionals. But we are also seeing more and more people look to SMSF as an opportunity to use their superannuation funds to hold direct property.

Countless initiatives exist to help boost your super. Unfortunately, the ins and outs of most of these initiatives are complex. If you want to maximise your returns you’ll need expert advice.

SMSF Specialist Advisors

You only get to work once in your life. So it’s crucial to make the most of what you earn through investing well in superannuation.

The difference between a smart superannuation plan and an average one cannot be overstated. A smart super plan might mean you can retire five years earlier instead of having to work an additional ten; get a house on the coast instead of a unit in the suburbs; can provide for your children and grandchildren instead of leaving them to make it on their own.

There are a few ways to make the most of your super. A good start is to take advantage of the many generous government superannuation incentives currently available. Get in touch with a Dome Financial adviser, and we could help you set up what’s called a ‘salary sacrifice arrangement’ with your employer. This arrangement would allow you to make super contributions from your pre-tax salary, which might put you in a lower income tax bracket, significantly reducing how much tax you pay every year.

Superannuation is an important part of any good retirement plan. If we draw up your retirement plan, we’ll learn about your ideal retirement lifestyle. Then, we’ll measure these retirement dreams against your financial realities, and help you understand what can be achieved, and how you can achieve that through intelligent investing and smart planning.

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