These days, we outsource a lot of tasks to external professionals. Due to the chaotic nature of the busy lives we lead, we rely more and more on professionals who have the experience, knowledge and most importantly, the time to get things done for us.

Simple things like getting your coffee foamed to perfection by your barista every morning on your way to work to having an accountant fill out your tax returns every financial year to taking your business shirts to be dry-cleaned every week.

The everyday tasks we outsource to experts are invaluable because it allows us to have more time to focus on the things that matter most to us, and on the things we’re good at and enjoying doing.

Sure, you can DIY financial planning  but at the end of the day, do you have the time and the expertise to do so?

When Should You Outsource your Financial Future Planning?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1.     You can set goals on your own but how well can you execute them?
  2.     Do you have the time?
  3.     Do you have the expertise and the knowledge to do it well?
  4.    Can you keep up-to-date with the legislative changes around tax, superannuation and investing?

When it comes to finances and investing, not only is time essential but the knowledge and the know-how to get it done well is vital. You don’t want to make costly mistakes with your money.

The financial and investment world is ever so complex, and its’ complexity grows every day with changes to legislation and rules on taxes, superannuation and retirement planning strategies.

Even the professionals find it hard to keep up with all the changes to quickly process the changes, and understand the impacts upon individual situations. It reverts back to having the time to understand and execute changes effectively and efficiently.

For most investors and retirees, the question should not be: Do I need a trusted financial planner? but when should I seek one out and whom do I hire?

The Benefits of a Good Financial Planner

Partner up with a professional who is there with you for the long-term, and someone who is prepared to ride the waves with you during the good and the bad times.

Remember, the road to financial fulfillment is never going to be a straight line. It will be met with detours, roundabouts and at times backing out of one-way streets but you can feel confident in having a trusted financial coach with you,  guiding you through the obstacles and barriers to reach your end goals.

Finding that someone who is a high achiever themselves and someone who gets a buzz in kicking goals maybe the right type of a planner to encourage and motivate you.

You want someone who is energetic, a go-getter and a strategic thinker as well.

You want to be motivated and ‘coached’ like an elite athletic who cannot function without their personal coach.

A good planner goes beyond just traditional financial planning and wealth building responsibilities. Your ‘financial super-hero’ will pull you up, get you up when feeling down, cheer you on and urge you along to achieve your financial goals.

Consider your planner as an ally, your very own strategic planner and thinker as well as your financial ‘commander in charge’ executing your financial plans with you and for you.

It’s Your Life – Make the Most of It

When it comes to your financial life, someone has to do the work of planning ahead. If it’s not you, then hiring someone maybe a wise move.

If you don’t have the time nor the qualified expertise to plan your financial future then get a professional to help you do it.

You outsource everyday tasks to professionals to help manage your life so why wouldn’t you want to hire an expert to help you achieve the most important thing in your life? Like your financial security, independence and a lifestyle full of choices and opportunities?

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For more help on reaching your financial goals, talk to a Dome Financial Adviser in Charlestown, Tamworth and Hunter Valley.

The information contained on this page is for discussion purposes only and is not intended to constitute financial product advice. It does not take into consideration any persons objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider its appropriateness in light of your circumstances and consider seeking professional advice relevant to your individual before making a decision based on any information on this page.

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