Steve Martin

Steve Martin

Strategic Financial Planner & Certified Money Coach

Qualifications and experience


Steve takes the time to really understand his clients and to help them find what ‘enough’ is for them. Meeting them where they are at to find what support they need to feel on top of their finances and stay that way as their world changes.

He has completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Business (Finance), and is also a qualified mortgage broker. With his experience in working with the debt that many people have been carrying Steve is driven to provide quality Strategic Debt Advice to guide and coach people on the path to minimise the strain it can have on personal cashflow.

More about Steve


Steve is a Certified Money Coach® (CMC) awarded by The Money Coaching Institute and has a passion for helping people with the subconscious and emotional reasons we don’t always do what we know we should with the money that flows through our lives. He is a Certified Financial Behavior Specialists® (FBS®) awarded by Financial Psychology Institute and has completed studies for a Graduate Certificate in Financial Psychology and Behavioural Finance with Creighton University in the US. He continues to learn ways to help in increasing awareness and supporting change in the psychology around people’s relationship with money and how that plays in with the other relationships in their lives.

On his own path with a growing family, Steve realises we all have our own “stuff” and sometimes this plays into some part of how we handle our finances. Understanding ourselves and our families can help create a better awareness, a little empathy, and hopefully get on the same page to move forward to what’s truly valued.

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